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How to Make Hair Look Thicker

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Majority of people I believe want to have thick and full hair,so here today I will share with you all few tips from some hairstylist and dermatologist that I’ve known,and from my own reading and experience.Note that I will cover from the hair style,products and medicine that related.

First let’s me start with the hairstyle.

For men, the best choice is a very short cut.Long hair is definitely out of the question as hair will appear thin and brittle. Hairstyles that are very short will often give the appearance that hair is very thick but trimmed very short. Hair is also much stronger towards the root as oils that keep hair healthy start from there. Thus shorter hair cuts make hair look thicker. The choice haircut would be a Caesar hairstyle or a very short crew cut. These two hairstyles not only use the short hair advantage mentioned above but also seem to mold hair in a manner to where it seems to be more in abundance and thicker as well. The Caesar hairstyle is great for thin hair as it joins hair closely together to form an image of thicker hair. Short crew cuts hairstyles have the same result on thin hair as well. Thus for you guys with thin hair, keep hairstyles short and hair clumped close together for a better, fuller hairstyle.

Caesar hairstyle by Kellan lutz,not bad huh?






ed westwick caesar hairstyle,do you like it better? :P













For women, hairstyles for thin hair often will be short, about chin length or slightly longer. Because longer hair often seems brittle and coarse, short hairstyle are the dominant type.Short hairstyles that take the attention away from the hair and to the face are great choices. These include styles that have hair bangs lightly covering the face, light curls at the ends, or even pinned back behind the ears. These hairstyles keep hair together to provide an appearance of thicker, fuller hair. For longer hairstyles, the only really great choices are the updo or the braids. Updos hide the fact that hair is very thin and with the many styles of updos, there are plenty of looks. Braids offer a look for wearing out and about. Braids pretty much have the same effect as updos in bunching hair together to keep hair looking thick and full.

Hot Megan Fox hair updo :O

Now regarding products that you can use to make your hair look thicker.

If you are looking for the illusion of having thicker, fuller hair begin by a good shampoo that will plump in the thickness. Use a volumizing shampoo. Many manufacturers offer shampoos that will add volume and make your hair appear thicker. You do not need to spend a fortune on these shampoos; many can be purchased at the grocery or drug store.Mousse, can also be applied at the root area for support(I use L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Volumizing Mousse,it works great!)

Recommended by me!

If you inherited a tendency for hair loss, you likely have very healthy hair overall. Therefore, your hair can benefit from permanent or semi-permanent color to give body and volume to hair.Dyeing your hair a darker color or adding low-lights will add body to your hair and make it appear thicker.

For natural product,you can massage coconut milk or oil into your scalp and leave it in for 1 hour using a shower cap. Rinse thoroughly with cool water. Use this treatment every week to make your hair appear thicker and shiner.I did this  and it does work :)

Most women know the trick of spraying your hair with a good spray while having your head upside down. If big fat hair is what your after, this will do the trick.This trick can also be applied for men with long hair. Old fashioned rolling your hair and a good brushing afterwards with some back combing will also produce the big look with lots of gentle curls. Rolling your hair is much more healthier than blow drying and will not promote split ends and your style will last so much longer. You have volume while hair cuticle is protected.But if you still like blow drying,you can do it while your hair upside down. Standing up, lean your head forward and blow dry your hair from the roots to the ends. Run your fingers through your hair as you are blow drying. When your hair is dry, flip your hair back as you lift your head. Do not brush your hair–just use your fingers to style. Blow dry your bangs using a round brush, if necessary.

Blow hair upside down-good for increasing your brain blood flow too eh?

Now we have com to the last section ,medicine aspect of hair thinning.Thin hair can be cause by many factors.You need to know what the exact  cause of your thin hair,ranging from the harsh chemicals you put on your hair to your inherited gene from a parent.In this section I will talk about hair loss due to Male Pattern Baldness (MPB).Note that hair thinning can be a starting point for hairloss.So what are the treatments?

Minoxidil(Rogaine): This topical medication is available over the counter and no prescription is required. It may grow a little hair, but it’s better at holding onto what’s still there.It can be used in men and women. It works best on the crown, less on the frontal region.

Finasteride(Propecia): This medication is FDA approved for use in only men with androgenic hair loss. Although not FDA approved in women, it has been used “off label” in women with androgenic hair loss who are not pregnant or planning to become pregnant while on the medication.It is thought to help reduce hair loss by blocking the action of natural hormones in scalp hair follicles.

Dutasteride(Avodart) has recently been used as “off label” to treat hair loss in men. It is FDA approved and primarily used to treat an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH) only in men. Dutasteride is similar to finasteride (Propecia, Proscar).

Lastly,hair transplantation which  is surgery that involves removing a narrow strip of hair-bearing scalp from the back of the head and using it to fill an area with thin or no hair.I’m planning to go for this procedure once my hair thinning problem become worse.

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